Gripping customer’s initial attraction as well using the unique, creative advertising concepts and technologies to make VR advertising marketing the mainstream tactic.

Catch user’s attention in a short period = immersive VR + interactive VR

10   1W+   30W+   2500W+

In North America

there are over 10,000

VR headset experience centers.



EYEXPO Technology's

10 self-dependent innovation functions

customize your own programme.



more than 25 million urban population.


More than 300,000 people

browse through


every day.

Media value in EYEXPO VR Technology

VR Advertisement vs. Traditional Video Advertisement

Airpush recently published the first research report for VR Advertisement, in which they juxtaposed the effect of VR Advertisement and traditional advertisement on brand enhancing in terms of contents, perceived quality, and brand integrated perception. The conclusion draws that, measuring through the four standards, VR advertising is more efficient than conventional video promotion by 1.5-1.8 times. In product impression especially, VR Advertisement proved to be more efficient than conventional advertisement by 8 times in all brand testing. Moreover, VR Advertising shows a content sharing rate twice as that of traditional video advertising.

Media value in EYEXPO VR Technology

Data Proves VR Advertisement’s CTR to be 30 Times More Than Mobile Web Advertisements

Immersy can trace whether clients are watching advertisement in VR. The result shows that CTR for VR cvients is almost 30%. On mobile web advertisement such CTR is 1% and only 0.4% for desktop advertisements.
In terms of conversion rates, every 1000 video through VR can produce 12 new clients, while on mobile web page such rate is 0.5 and 0.2 on desktop advertising.
Founder and CEO of Immersv, Mihir Shah, claims VR to be “the most efficient distributing platform in digital era.” It has an increasing rate that is multiple times faster than that of cell phones, and will lead a new “platform innovation through the number of advertising interaction and user acceptance.”

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