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VR Online Real Estate Exhibition is an important specialized exhibition among Eyexpo exhibitions. After its launch on January 11, 2017, VR online Real Estate Exhibition will be held in 21 cities, namely, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Mon- tréal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Hang- zhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenyang, Nanjing, Moscow, Tehran and Dubai. It is projected to attract an audience of 10 million, which will be 100 times that of traditional exhibitions.

The exhibition is expected to expand to major cities in Europe from 2017. In Metro Vancouver, there are more than 1,000 VR experience centres for people to experience VR technology for free. The embedded advertisements in our website will have more than 100,000 clicks daily. Eyexpo Online Exhibition will be viewable on multiple platform, including mobile、desktop and VR headsets, etc.


EYEXPO Technology is an internet enterprise based on multi-media sequences. Established in North America and now facing to the globe, EYEXPO involves multiple platforms internet expo, online shopping, online service, online data, internet banking, and online social network. Majority of our patent technologies were applied in PC, mobile, and VR ports for simultaneous use. We have not only technological capability for new internet technologies, but also ability to implement new Inter technology application, market establishment, and globalized integrated marketing strategy.

EYEXPO Technology is characterized by exceeding and innovating conventional technology, creating the first CCP value chain (Culture-Customer-Product). First establish company culture, search for agreeing employees and clients to the culture, and create the most unique products in the market. This culture chain breaks the restrictions of traditional mindset, has gained unimaginably quick development while avoid radical money-consuming phenomenon of traditional Internet activities.

Before we produce each product, we make point-to-point DNA for profiting model and use the modeled DNA to experiment the sale online. Then, will perform genetic sales on the market. EYEXPO Technology values in maximizing client’s benefits. After we publicize the six major sections, we will conduct vertical immersion on 1000 technology applications in the market.


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